About Us


When did The Rising Start?

Back in 2015, the CBD community was growing in the UK, and the other networks started to ban the groups and pages for doing nothing but promoting healthy products. I guess this was the start of our awareness of big tech censorship.

Now, since 2020, the banning on Free Speech has gone nuts. You are not allowed to disagree with others, share any posts that the fact checkers don’t like, and you're not allowed to have an opinion any more. We are adults and should be allowed to share what we want, even if others disagree. If you don’t like what someone shares, you just ignore it. If you watch a TV series or film and it offends you, then you turn it off. This should be the same on social media, by either ignoring a post or blocking a member.

Debate is healthy, and brought us to where we are today in history. We should be allowed to debate with each other and share information we either agree or disagree with.

So, when other tech companies and governments ban what you say, they are controlling you, and you are not Free to speak. So many speak for Free speech around the world, but block what they don't like, or which goes against their narrative.

The platform is for everyone, no matter what their beliefs or opinions. Division is not healthy for society, but being free to disagree with others is. We believe in being able to speak freely and sharing what you may believe to be true.

Where is The Rising Going?

We are still a small platform and in our infancy. Our infrastructure will be upgraded to cope with the influx of sign up's we have seen. The need for this platform seems to be more then we envisioned.

The platform will grow, and is self funded by you the members, which we very much appreciate. Thank you for all the support. We didn’t know if anyone would sign up, or if there was a need for the platform, but the members we have already are fantastic. We have great groups being created; items in the marketplace for sale; great connections being made.

The Rising is a platform for everyone, no matter what your opinions are, what beliefs you have. You can share a picture of your nan’s cat to cheer someone up; you can share science data with others for knowledge; you can share a film for some downtime. It’s for everyone, and we hope you will stay civil to others.

“Be mindful of how we react to others, as surely control is something we should not enforce”


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